Energy Audit

Would you like to reduce your utility bills? Many things can affect the energy performance of homes. An energy audit can identify the factors that contribute to the waste of energy in a home. An en…

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  1. I needed someone to do a complete turn-key installation of a storm door. ResRem removed the old door and rehabbed the door framework and installed the new door, complete with new insulation, ResRem did a professional job at a reasonable price.
    ResRem inspected the exterior of my building and found several other problems that could develop into a major repair if not addressed. The faux brick on the front of my building had several problems due to age and a less than robust installation. ResRem was able to seal and secure the brick veneer and vinyl siding in short order. The inspection also found two more doors that needed attention. They ended up repairing a split door jam and having ResRem reinstall another storm door which was not properly installed.
    Their inspection pointed out that my eves troughs were hanging loose which was I agreed needed repair. Several years earlier I had vinyl siding applied to my building but never noticed that the company did not remount two entrance lights they had removed. ResRem was able to do the electrical work in short order leaving me with a well-lit safer exterior.
    I am already lining ResRem up for an inspection another apartment that I needs attention.

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